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Oracle announced a new version of Java which turned out to be the speediest one for its release, till now. It has decided to promote Open JDK binaries as primary…
Top 5 Java10 up-coming Feature Listing

Oracle announced a new version of Java which turned out to be the speediest one for its release, till now. It has decided to promote Open JDK binaries as primary JDK which reduces the hassle for the big companies to shuffle from the current system every time, a new version is enhanced. Few of the prominent features are listed below:



  1. Local Variable Type Inference
    It is the newest feature for the developers in Java 10. Type inference is Java compiler’s ability to look at each method invocation and corresponding declaration to determine the type argument or multiple arguments that make the invocation applicable. Local Variable meaning ‘var’ is not a keyword, but it is a reserved type name. So it cannot be used as method, package, class or interface. Its uses are defined such as:
  • Limited only to Local Variable with an initialize
  • Indexes of enhanced for loops or indexes
  • Local declared in for loop

Let us walk through an example:

var numbers = List.of(1, 2, 3, 4, 5); // inferred value ArrayList<string>
// Index of Enhanced For Loop
for (var number : numbers) {
// Local variable declared in a loop
for (var i = 0; i &lt; numbers.size(); i++) {
} </string>
  1. Garbage Collector Interface
    With the new Java version 10 update now, the code isolation of multiple garbage collectors can be improvised with the coming of the new and most common Garbage Collector Interface. It emphasis on providing better modularity to the internal GC code which in future, will help for adding new GC without changing existing code base. Also helps in removing or maintaining the previous GC.:
  1. Additional Unicode LanguageTag Extensions
    It will enhance the java.util.Locale and related APIs to execute additional Unicode extensions of BCP 47 language tags. This added the support for the below mentioned additional extensions –
  1. Root Certificates
    Java 10 promotes Open JDK binaries as primary binaries for the ease of using the system without needing to update it frequently. To ensure the integrity and confidentiality, It comprises of a default set of root Certification Authority (CA) certificates in the JDK which makes sure that both Oracle & Open JDK binaries will function the same.
  1. Removal of the NativeHeader Generation Tool – java h
    It allows removing javah tool from JDK. It is not mandatory to remove – it is optional. The tool functionality of javad is added in JDK 8, which helps to write native header files at the compile time without using javah.

Ending the Line
Overall, it seems that Java 10 updates provide supportive features. It also modifies or merges the features from the older version. By this enhancement, now Java developers have the privilege to code with less time complexity and efficiently. Yet, it also helps the developers to work less on some features and reduce the time complexity.

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