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WAMP server and skype port 80
Skype and WAMP Port Conflict

After re-installing my Windows my wamp wasn’t working when Skype was connected because of Skype and WAMP server port conflict. So after trial and error to make both work i was able to get them synchronized. The problem was that it was feeding port to these programs on First come first served basis, either skype or wamp if one of them were already connected they wont allow the second application to work together, you can call it skype and wamp port conflict. After doing some research i saw that both were opting for PORT : 80.

Being a web designer/developer you need these Skype and WAMP server work together for better productivity, so one must fix this rather than following routine daily procedure of first starting WAMP and then Skype so Skype adopts available port so i decided to write a short note on how to fix “Skype and WAMP port Conflict

Here is how you can resolve Skype and WAMP Port Conflict.

1) First close both applications.
2) Open skype and click on Tools, then select advanced / Connection
3) Uncheck Use Port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections

Now start WAMP server and you are done. Here are two screenshots of before and after the connections settings changes to make it more clear for you.

before port changes – skype and wamp port conflict

skype and wamp port conflict

 I downloaded WAMP server and installed it with it’s default options.

However, I noticed that Apache does not work (while MySQL does work!).

I tried to install it via Apache → Service → Install Service and got a message saying that port 80 is taken by Skype. I turned off Skype, and then Apache started to work.

Please note that all other settings in the screenshots depends on your personal configuration. This does not effect working of Skype or WAMP so dont change any other option based on this screenshot..


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